- A precision tool with a firm hold
- Fatigue-free working thanks to lightweight design
- 1,000 newton-metres of power
Datum: /
- Wheel hub grinder set by KS Tools
- Freeing the wheel hub and wheel centering ring of rust and dirt
- Avoiding imbalance
Datum: /
- Universal wheel hub and cardan shaft puller set from KS Tools
- Ideal for rusted or glued drive shafts
- Universal usage
Datum: /
- Telescopic centre tensioner set for internal springs
- Save time changing springs
- Safety certified by TÜV Süd
Datum: /
- Cleaning and vacuuming in one operation
- No mask needed
- Spick and span without elbow grease
Datum: /
- Offer additional service to customers with electric vehicles
- Attractive wallboxes at a reasonable price
- Special design for quick installation
Datum: /
- Safety work platform – now with TÜV certificate
- High load capacity: up to 150 kilograms
- Light and compact
Datum: /
- LED hand lamp from KS Tools with plenty of practical features
- Ideal on the go: integrated powerbank
- Continuously dimmable
Datum: /
- The KS Tools Advents calendar with lots of useful extras
- Twice the fun for 24 days
Datum: /
- Precision battery-operated screwdriver from KS Tools
- Small but powerful tool for mobile use
- Long-lasting battery, short charging time
Datum: /
- Videoscope set from KS Tools
- smallest dual camera with two lenses
- can take photos and videos
Datum: /
- New universal bleed nozzle adapter from KS Tools
- Maintain brakes on all Asian vehicles
- Quick and simple to use
Datum: /
- KS Tools THE DEVIL generates up to 1600 Nm
- Versatile usage
- Light tool for everyday use
Datum: /
- Loosen and tighten short screw heads securely
- Good grip with countersunk screw head
- Indispensable for the tuning workshop
Datum: /
- Compressed air reducer regulated to the point
- Protects devices
- Consistent output pressure
Datum: /


New catalogue for hand tools and special tools for cars, transporters and commercial vehicles
Datum: /
- brake disc calliper gauge for all cars by KS Tools
- measuring without removing the wheel
- quick and efficient
Datum: /
- four pull-outs
- lots of space
- load capacity 450 kilograms
Datum: /
- fast and easy measurement
- measure on the go and in the workshop
- print or save result
Datum: /
- Quick spring replacement without any risk
- New spring compressor for VAG vehicles in particular
- No jumping out, no tilting, no twisting
Datum: /
- Toolkit helps in complete emptying of the automatic transmission
- faster change without problems
- suitable for BMW and Mercedes
Datum: /
- Remover from KS Tools for VAG and Opel engines
- Change ignition coil without damage
- sturdy handle for comfortable working
Datum: /
- impact screwdriver with a seal of approval from backs
- small, light and yet very strong
- quiet impact screwdriver with lots of power
Datum: /
- Save time when exchanging sensors
- Sensors can be installed and removed without damage
- available for cars and trucks
Datum: /
- Toolbox for all common maintenance work
- available on the open market for the first time
- attractive price
Datum: /
- brake bleeder screw kit for clean work
- also for difficult-to-reach brake nipples
- wheel dismantling not required
Datum: /
- sturdy pressure/vacuum pump by KS Tools
Datum: /
- Useful helper for the grease gun
- Safe lubrication without sticking
- Fett kommt dort an, wo es hingehört
Datum: /
- new WiFi Videoscope Set from KS Tools
- easy to connect with smartphone
- Secure locking
Datum: /
- the right tool for plastic oil draining plugs
- equipped for all profiles
- slightly loosen the plugs and tighten again
Datum: /
- Slotted bushing utility vehicle kit tightens optimally
- Application is gentle on the bushing
- Fully retains the function of the bearing bushing
Datum: /
- High voltages are extremely dangerous
- KS TOOLS offers individually tested insulated tools
- Strict regulations for on-the-job safety
Datum: /
- mobile use directly on the vehicle
- crimp coated cables without damage
- fast and professional
Datum: /
- Suitable for an extremely wide range of vehicles
- Can also be used to tension banana springs
- Foot pedal ensures simple handling
Datum: /
- new workshop trolley from KS TOOLS
- a great look, even better content
- practical equipment
Datum: /
- the new MASTERline comes complete with the right tools for the job
- extremely robust cabinet for the highest demands
- designed for the safe and clear storage of tools
Datum: /
- Wheel balance weight pliers with plastic coating
- No damage to rims
- Integrated hammer
Datum: /
- First prize in the KS TOOLS trade fair competition
- Valuable classic won in a draw
Datum: /
Supporting traverse principle ensures freedom in the engine compartment
- Safely support the engine and transmission
- Also suitable for heavy motors
- Practical shearing technology
Datum: /
- Special spark plug socket with joint from KS TOOLS
- Solution for BMW N43 engines
Datum: /
- available in all current catalogue systems
- always the right tool for the spare part
- the entire supply chain at a glance
Datum: /
Universal axle lever with chain from KS TOOLS makes it easier to work on the chassis
- no injuries or damage
- no assistance from colleagues required
Datum: /
- Prevents axle from swinging away
- A third helping hand when repairing axles
Datum: /
- Special tool from KS TOOLS
- Tool set for glued oil sumps and housing covers
- Easy removal of glue residues
Datum: /
- Contact cleaning tool from KS TOOLS
- Tweezers and diamond coated round files eliminate corrosion
- A helpful little tool at a little price
Datum: /
- Self-acting plasma air cleaner cleans and disinfects
- Kills mildew, bacteria and viruses
- Ideal following air conditioning service
Datum: /
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