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Tyre mounting grease 4 kg, gold


Tyre mounting grease 4 kg, gold

  • 100.4000
  • 4042146658697
  • €56.92 *



  • ideally suitable for the dismantling and assembly of tyres with steel or aluminium rims
  • very economical
  • preferably used for assembling of large and heavy tires (CV)
  • simply apply with a brush or a sponge on the wheel rim
  • optimal lubricating and bonding properties whilst protecting the tyre
  • releases the air out quickly which guarantees a strong bond in a short time the construction components
  • low power and time is needed through high lubricity
  • the professional black paste advoids staining as with the white paste
  • working temperature -30° C to 50° C
  • supplied in a bucket

Application range: as for all large and heavy duty tires like trucks, agricultural and industrial tires. Not suitable for the assembly of car and motorcycle tires!


Application in general: Commercial vehicle
Colour: gold
Packaging contents: 1
Weight [g]: 4000
Packaging length, mm: 230
Packaging width, mm: 240
Packaging height, mm: 210
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