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Plasma air-cleaner with ionisator technology

Plasma air-cleaner with ionisator technology

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  • Eliminates odours and disinfects the interior of the vehicle
  • Compact, lightweight, and high ozone emission
  • For use in closed passenger compartments
  • In odour elimination mode, it switches off automatically after 60 minutes
  • In disinfection mode, it automatically switches off after 30 minutes and immediately switches to odour elimination mode for 30 minutes
  • Works without chemical additives , guaranteed to leave no residue
  • It leaves no traces, even on sensitive surfaces
  • Removes mould, bacteria, fungus and mites
  • Includes an active carbon HEPA technology replacement filter
  • Simple operation


Operational voltage: DC 12-24V / AC 100-240V / 50/60 Hz
Weight [g]: 360
Pin diameter in mm: 540
Accessories: Video
Parts in the set: 12
Voltage battery: Cigarette lighter plug
Video link application: Video
Unboxing link: Video
Power consumption: 5
covering scope: 15m²
Dimensions mm: 173x122x49
Packaging contents: 1
Negative Ion concentration: 3000000 pcs/cm²
Ozone transformation: 5 mg/h
Replacement filter: 550.1199
Scented cube: 550.1189
Accessories: 436
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