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12V Battery-, charging- and starting system analyzer

12V Battery-, charging- and starting system analyzer

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  • Suitable for 12 volt batteries (lead acid, gel, wet cell, MF, VRLA, calcium, AGM and deep cycle batteries)
  • Automatic control of the entire test procedure through menu navigation
  • For the quick and simple determination of battery efficiency while taking the temperature compensation into account
  • Checks the battery condition, charge status, internal resistance, cold start current value
  • With verification function for the starter battery, starter and load circuit measurement
  • The measurement results are shown via an accurate 5-digit LCD display
  • In addition, the measurement results are displayed via coloured symbols: OK, charge and poor
  • The connection to the battery takes place via two plastic-coated crocodile pole clamps
  • Avoidance of an overload of the battery through too long of a measurement time
  • Illuminated and very easy to read LCD display
  • 0,45 metre long cable allows for flexible work
  • Resistant rubber cup casing


Readout: 1
Voltage range: 7,6-17 V
Accessories: 283
Frequency: 100
Pin diameter in mm: ratchet
Display accuracy1: +/- 0,5 Megaohm
Weight [g]: 1000
Unboxing link: Video
Packaging contents: 1
Working range: 7,6-17 V
Packaging: carton
Operating temperature: -18°C up to 55°C
Work area SAE: 100-1.400 CCA
Work area IEC: 100-800 CCA
Work area EN: 100-1.400 CCA
Work area DIN: 100-800 CCA
Work area CCA: 100-1.400 CCA
Application in general: for 12 Volt batteries
Accessories: 167
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