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12V + 24V SMARTcharger High frequency battery charger 25A/12,5A

12V + 24V SMARTcharger High frequency battery charger 25A/12,5A

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  • Can be switched between 12 and 24 volts
  • Designed for continuous long-term use, even with built-in battery
  • For lead acid, gel, wet cell, MF, VRLA, calcium, AGM and deep cycle batteries
  • Precise load control with microprocessor prevents overcharging and automatically switches to preservation mode after a completed charge process and prevents a "swelling" or even "explosion" of the battery
  • With integrated supply function for the power supply when the battery is removed
  • Perfect charging and charge preservation
  • Allows regeneration and recovery of deeply discharged batteries
  • Fully automatic 9-stage charging cycle
  • With integrated overload and reverse polarity protection against misuse
  • Pulse charge preservation
  • Ingress protection according to IP20
  • With crocodile pole terminals
  • With temperature sensor to take the temperature compensation into consideration
  • 3-digit LED display
  • The latest technology for the highest demands
  • Impact resistant polyethylene housing


Cable: H05RN-F 2x1,0 mm²
Height in mm: 75
Accessories: 398
Voltage battery: Contour plug up to incl. IP21 (07)
Parts in the set: 230
Frequency: 50
Pin diameter in mm: exchange tool
Weight [g]: 2000
Width in mm: 170
Norm: IP20
Total length mm: 250
Packaging contents: 1
Charging voltage: 14,4V - 25A (12V), 28,8V - 12,5A (24V)
Battery capacity: 12V: 75-500Ah - 24V: 45-250Ah
Voltage range: 220-240V AC, 50/60HZ
Application for: Nass-, Gel-, AGM und MF Bleisäurebatterien
Accessories: with flexible tube
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