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Air condition leak detector

Air condition leak detector

  • 550.1192
  • 4042146604748
  • €175.91 *



  • Ideal for locating leaks in air conditioning pipes
  • Detects cooling agent concentration in the surrounding air
  • Reacts to R134a, R12, R11, R500, R503, R22, R123, R124, R502, R404a, R125, AZ-50, HP62 and MP39
  • No cross-sensitivity in the presence of carrier gas and air movement
  • With flexible stainless steel tube neck (360 mm) for places that are hard to access
  • Visual and aural signal upon detection of a leak
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Leak detection rate up to 5 g/year
  • Approximately 10 seconds waiting time
  • Service life of the sensor is approximately 50 hours
  • Impact proof housing
  • Includes 2 x C LR14 batteries
  • Includes replacement sensor


Accessories: with batteries
Pin diameter in mm: 32
Weight battery: 0.1425
Battery type: LR14 (Typ C)
Lithium battery included: class 05 (51 - 150g)
Voltage plug: 1.5
Lithium-Info: Nein
Battery rechargeable: Nein
Battery composition: Alkali-Mangan (Alkaline)
Battery included: Ja
Power requirement: 2 x LR14
Accessories: 345
Packaging: plastic storage case
Weight [g]: 560
Unboxing link: Video
Number of batteries required: 2
Total length mm: 229
Height in mm: 65.0
Width in mm: 65
Packaging contents: 1
Replacement sensor: 550.1194
Application in general: automobile
Accessories: with batteries
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