- Slotted bushing utility vehicle kit tightens optimally
- Application is gentle on the bushing
- Fully retains the function of the bearing bushing
- High voltages are extremely dangerous
- KS TOOLS offers individually tested insulated tools
- Strict regulations for on-the-job safety
- mobile use directly on the vehicle
- crimp coated cables without damage
- fast and professional
- Suitable for an extremely wide range of vehicles
- Can also be used to tension banana springs
- Foot pedal ensures simple handling

Red Racer

- new workshop trolley from KS TOOLS
- a great look, even better content
- practical equipment
- the new MASTERline comes complete with the right tools for the job
- extremely robust cabinet for the highest demands
- designed for the safe and clear storage of tools
- Wheel balance weight pliers with plastic coating
- No damage to rims
- Integrated hammer
Supporting traverse principle ensures freedom in the engine compartment
- Safely support the engine and transmission
- Also suitable for heavy motors
- Practical shearing technology
- Special spark plug socket with joint from KS TOOLS
- Solution for BMW N43 engines
- disponible dans tous les systèmes de catalogue courants
- toujours l‘outil adapté à la pièce de rechange
- l‘ensemble de la chaîne de livraison sous les yeux
Universal axle lever with chain from KS TOOLS makes it easier to work on the chassis
- no injuries or damage
- no assistance from colleagues required
- Prevents axle from swinging away
- A third helping hand when repairing axles
- Special tool from KS TOOLS
- Tool set for glued oil sumps and housing covers
- Easy removal of glue residues
- Contact cleaning tool from KS TOOLS
- Tweezers and diamond coated round files eliminate corrosion
- A helpful little tool at a little price
- Self-acting plasma air cleaner cleans and disinfects
- Kills mildew, bacteria and viruses
- Ideal following air conditioning service
- Clipfinder.com quickly shows suitable clips
- From the OE number to the correct clip
- Reliable 1:1 image identification
- Precise measurement with digital clamp ammeter from KS TOOLS
- Measure current without disconnecting the electrical circuit
- Clamp ammeter and multimeter in one
- Versatile compression testing equipment set from KS TOOLS
- Plenty of adapters for big market coverage
- Outstanding price-performance ratio
- Diesel bleeding and priming set for many vehicles
- Short setup times – simple to use
- SMARTcharger for regular use
- Highly convenient charging equipment at a moderate price
- On-board voltage with battery removed
- Special tool functions without disconnecting the brake line
- No replacement of the link arm necessary
- Save time, repairs justify current market value
- Alternative to vehicle manufacturer‘s special tool
- Also required for repairs to the front axle
- Approved for use with axle measurement computer
- Greatest vehicle coverage
- Also compresses banana springs
- Safe handling by means of foot pedal
- Test while fitted with engine running
- Time-saving diagnosis
- Identify defects reliably
- compact and robust design
- high loosening moment
- versatile in use
- Plastic welding equipment produces clean and robust repairs
- Durable repairs which justify market value
- Offer customers an environmentally friendly alternative
- KS TOOLS brake service tool for passenger and utility vehicles
- Reset brake pistons with no escape of brake fluid
- No damage to seals and piston ways
- saves on having a lot of individual separators
- ideal for SUVs, off road and utility vehicles
- a must for the utility vehicle workshop
- no risk of damage
- the greatest possible model coverage
- The solution for drive shafts with tight keyway profiles
- cleaning kit from KS TOOLS removes all coking
- optimum preparation for injector fitting
- indispensible at each injector replacement
KS TOOLS offers repair kit with stainless steel staples
- Produce stable joints
- Repair plastic parts cost-effectively
- Simple and safe handling

Small and strong

Second generation SlimPOWER impact driver from KS TOOLS – now with 1,300 Nm
- compact design
- powerful loosening moment
- small format with big performance
New dent lifter for the professional from KS TOOLS
- First and only dent lifter with compressed air
- Simply pull dents out
- No filling, no painting
- Impressive stand concept
- Trade fair highlights inspire the visitors
- Special tool catalogue generates great interest
KS TOOLS publishes catalogue with 10,000 special tools
- Premium quality at outstanding price /performance ratio
- Everything from a single source
- digital battery tester from KS Tools at an attractive price
- intuitive operation
- with integrated printer
New brake calliper special spanner set from KS TOOLS
- especially for tightly designed spaces
- also for the latest generation of brakes
- no snapping off – even under high force
KS TOOLS presents a new type of telescopic pipe cutter
- Rapid adjustment
- Cutting wheel and counter-pressure rollers on ball bearings
- Integrated de-burring tool

“See more”

KS TOOLS optimise videoscopy
- Improved image quality
- Mirror and zoom function
- Supercharged with 3 additional functions
- KS TOOLS tyre pressure monitoring system set for correct TPMS replacement -
with all service parts
- Fulfil all statutory requirements with confidence
- Set includes fully-fledged torque wrench
- Injector extraction set loosens effectively and without damage
- Cost-effective and practical solution
- Large market coverage with one tool set
- filler hose with drip-stop
- no contamination
- no smell
- Pneumatic cleaning gun for difficult to access corners
- Ideal for vehicle valeting
- Rapid and thorough cleaning
Compact bit box from KS TOOLS with special precision-fit bits
- High engaging accuracy of the bits
- Less wear on the screws
- High breaking strength

Always dry

Fluidstopper prevents the leakage of fluids
- Universal line clamp
- Revolving magazine for easy use
- No leakage, no penetration of foreign bodies
- Oil Drain Plug Seat Cutter Set ensures a leak-tight oil sump
- Secure and flat connection
- Avoid reclamations following oil changes
Powerful pneumatic impact driver for high demands
- Lightweight impact driver with plenty of power
- Faster torque build-up
- Maximum torque: 1690 Nm
- Reamer removes contamination
- Good preparation for a long life
- Reamer set with extensive vehicle coverage
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