- Storage capacity quadrupled
- Fully automated logistics
- Error rate close to zero
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- Prices valid for 12 months
- Even clearer overview
- Modern logistics ensure availability
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- Smart lamps for any use
- Practical extra features
- Very broad range
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- Toy tools perfect for children’s hands
- Stimulates creativity and the play instinct
- Chosen by mums
- Already tested out by the mechanics of tomorrow
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- New Electromobility catalogue from KS Tools
- From PPE to charging stations
- Your go-to text for electrical service tools
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- All tools packed into a single catalogue
- Broken down by vehicle makes
- Massive growth
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- Stock levels to be tripled
- Same-day dispatch for every order
- Processes digitalised from top to bottom
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If you want to get an idea of hidden places inside the vehicle you usually have a problem. With our WiFi video scope set (550.7510) it is now possible to diagnose faults with your smartphone, easily.
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On 20 May 2018, the new EU directive for tire pressure monitoring systems comes into force. A faulty tire pressure monitoring system is then considered a serious defect.
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In Arctic regions such as Greenland, people live under extreme conditions. In order to survive in the icy cold with strong winds and enormous amounts of snow, they depend on equally resilient equipment.
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The updated App with numerous features is now even more convenient. And multilingual.
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Diversity as an opportunity – The Diversity Charter of Companies in Germany
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- Oil Drain Plug Seat Cutter Set ensures a leak-tight oil sump
- Secure and flat connection
- Avoid reclamations following oil changes
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Powerful pneumatic impact driver for high demands
- Lightweight impact driver with plenty of power
- Faster torque build-up
- Maximum torque: 1690 Nm
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- Reamer removes contamination
- Good preparation for a long life
- Reamer set with extensive vehicle coverage
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- Special tool for wheel hub dismantling
- An economical complete solution
- Wheel bearings and brake discs changed quickly
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Engine setting /locking tools for most vehicles
- KS TOOLS extends its range of engine setting /locking tools
- Correct recoding based on OE number
- Available for all established makes
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KS TOOLS offers small parts assortments of DIN and standard parts
- Workshop Assortments include a range of essential small parts
- Be prepared for all repairs
- Most common sizes in a practical box
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KS TOOLS introduces a new brake piston retraction and rotation tool
- Universal adapter replaces a wide range of adapter plates
- Brake servicing for 1,500 vehicle types
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GRIP Xtreme self-grip pliers: Problem solvers for difficult jobs
- particularly firm „crocodile bite“
- no slipping
- no damage
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Special socket from KS TOOLS simplifies the changing of PSG glow plugs
- PSG glow plugs differ considerably from conventional glow plugs
- Safe installation and removal
- Protection from damage of the sensitive glow-plug head
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Hose clamp gripping pliers simplify working with spring band clamps
- Special waffle iron profile
- Grip and fit at different angles
- Also for difficult to access areas
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Improved flaring tool from KS TOOLS
- Mobile use directly on the vehicle
- Flares coated lines without damage
- Fast and professional
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Socket with steel ring – robust and gentle
- Chrome molybdenum steel socket with steel ring
- Patented world first
- Lasts longer despite being gentle due to plastic cladding
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KS TOOLS demonstrates correct tool application in film
- Tool Channel for products in need of explanation
- See the correct application
- Can also be used on the move
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