KS Tools Top Deals: immediately available at unbeatable prices

KS Tools Top Deals: immediately available at unbeatable prices
- Prices valid for 12 months
- Even clearer overview
- Modern logistics ensure availability

Good tools also come at good prices. Tool specialist KS Tools from Heusenstamm in Hesse proves this with its Top Deals, in which high-quality tools are offered at particularly favourable conditions. This is especially the case this year, on the occasion of the company‘s 30th anniversary. And not only are the prices keen: thanks to particularly efficient logistics and smart stocking, the company can deliver immediately after the purchase order is received. In times of problems with product availability, this is a real argument in favour of sing KS Tools products. In addition, the current prices of the Top Deals are valid for twelve months. Price increases during the year for the highly popular products presented here can thus be ruled out.

„Our Top Deals were already in great demand when this special sales promotion was still called the ‚Techniker Journal‘,“ observes KS Tools CEO Orhan Altin. „Now, 30 years down the line, we can look back on a success story with this publication, and we have once again revised the entire publication to make it more customer-friendly.“ The tool professionals have made the content even clearer, are using new icons that are even more descriptive, and storing additional digital information in many places that can be called up as needed.

Available for immediate delivery
But what good is a clear overview if products are not available? This is exactly where KS Tools can score points. Because all items from the Top Deals are immediately in stock for customers. This is possible because a state-of-the-art logistics system has been established in Heusenstamm that sends all goods on their way even faster. At the same time, the high storage capacity ensures that the products reach customers particularly quickly.
Workshop professionals will find 275 articles on a total of 70 pages. By the way, the company continues to produce a paper document, which thus provides a clear overview at all times. Because KS Tools is active in so many countries, the Top Deals are also multilingual: 28 languages make the publication internationally applicable, prices in nine currencies create transparency. The circulation of half a million copies shows that this medium still has a wide reach. KS Tools is thus setting standards for the future.

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