KS Tools is now THE logistics expert in the tool industry

KS Tools is now THE logistics expert in the tool industry
- Storage capacity quadrupled
- Fully automated logistics
- Error rate close to zero

Tool specialist KS Tools from Heusenstamm in Hesse has increased its capabilities enormously. This is made possible by a combination of state-of-the-art warehouse logistics and new storage space at the site. Since 2020, the area of the premises has increased from just over 12,000 to more than 46,000 square metres. The developed area, however, only gives an indication of the storage possibilities: in 2020, there were 7,589 pallet spaces, whereas today there are 30,326. The company is also focusing on optimised processes and offering customers a virtual warehouse that is always up to date. This has been achieved with the use of in-house warehouse management software. Every night, automated drones take a full inventory. KS Tools sees itself as perfectly positioned for the future.

„We regard ourselves as THE logistics expert in the tooling industry,“ says KS Tools Managing Director Orhan Altin. „Long before the world was talking about supply shortages and disrupted supply chains, we were planning the current upgrades and expansions, and are now ready to put them into operation. The availability of our products is thus ensured at all times. For our customers, this means in the long term: items ordered by 5 PM will leave the warehouse on the same day.“

In-house software optimises processes
The capacity has been quadrupled, but the sheer numbers only imperfectly reflect what KS Tools is now capable of. With the in-house warehouse software, the company has optimised its processes and can easily despatch goods on the same day. This is also supported by a fully automated packing robot, so that the error rate has now been reduced to almost zero. The capacity of the fully automated tray lift warehouse in Heusenstamm is up to 500 packages per hour. What this means is: a package can leave the warehouse here every 12 seconds. From this location, KS Tools despatches all the products that can be sent as parcels.

Quadruple storage space
Behind the scenes of this automated complex operates a replenishment warehouse with a storage area of 7,589 pallet spaces. These two units are supplemented by a pallet warehouse for high-volume items with a capacity of 11,424 Euro pallets and another high-volume warehouse in Rodgau, which is used exclusively for workshop trolleys. A total of 11,313 pallet spaces are available here. Overall, this adds up to 30,326 pallet spaces. In addition, there are 16,194 small parts compartments.„Our customers can use our warehouse as a virtual extension of their own inventory,“
Orhan Altin added. „We are now perfectly positioned for this. They can view their live inventory at any time and in turn make it available to their own customers. We also take care of all shipping with self-shipper identification and of course ship with their own documents. Because our fully automated drone inventory takes place at night, our customers‘ stored numbers are always up-to-date.“ Altin sums up the result of this expansion like this: „We can deliver. And, most importantly, quickly.“

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