KS Tools brings light into the darkness
- Smart lamps for any use
- Practical extra features
- Very broad range

Even if their workshop already has great lighting, every good car mechanic needs mobile lamps, because there will always be spots on, in or under a car where the surrounding light never gets in. It is precisely with this in mind that the Heustenstammbased tool specialist KS Tools has included a whole range of smart, high-quality lamps in its assortment that are equal to any lighting task while also offering some clever extra features. The huge selection of lamps for any lighting requirement is truly impressive. And the nifty lights also get an opportunity to shine once work is finished for the day, because they can also be used when camping or playing sport. A special catalogue dedicated to perfect lighting is now available for anyone wanting to know even more about the practical professional lamps. The new catalogue is available from all KS Tools trading partners or online at www.kstools.com.

“Lamps from KS Tools aren’t just bright, they’re also smart,” explains Orhan Altin, Managing Director of KS Tools. “Whenever we introduce a new product, we think about how it’s going to be used. That’s very important with lamps, because their effect will be greatly minimised if there are any shadows in the way, for example. We’ve also integrated some practical extra features into many products that makes them even more versatile to use.” The new lamps impress in all manner of different applications – whether they are to be used as a head lamp, an inspection lamp, a hand lamp or a UV lamp, the new lighting catalogue shows them all. It contains just the right lamp for any requirement, meaning that such an extensive range of lamps for professionals has never been seen before.

More than just shining a light
The innovations can do more than just shine a light. They have additional features that will help make their users’ everyday life in their workshops easier, such as a power bank feature, Bluetooth connectivity or the ability to play the radio and music. The practical new hand lamp comes with all of this. As well as a high-quality integrated speaker with microphone, which workshop-based professionals can easily link to their smartphone via Bluetooth, the new mobile workshop hand lamp is also incredibly bright, delivering 500 lumens. Besides all this, it is also foldable, magnetic and infinitely dimmable and comes with a display screen that shows its lumens and charge. But those are by no means all its clever features. What makes the smartphone connectivity practical is the fact that it allows mechanics to speak with customers on the phone hands-free while they are inspecting their vehicles.

Sophisticated lamps for any use
The other lamps from the KS Tools collection boast a similar level of sophistication, from the head lamp fitted with a motion sensor to the bendable, flexible inspection lamp that is guaranteed to leave no spot unlit when it is being used. These are just two examples from the extensive new lamp range from KS Tools. If you would like to meet them all, download the catalogue from www.kstools.com. And, incidentally, the lamps are also useful to have around in your leisure time, because they are just as generous with their light when you are camping or playing sport.

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