Greenland extreme: with a Snowmobile and KS Tools on patrol

In Arctic regions such as Greenland, people live under extreme conditions. In order to survive in the icy cold with strong winds and enormous amounts of snow, they depend on equally resilient equipment.
Like Hans Henrik Arqe. Hans Henrik is one of two policemen in Ittoqqqortoormiit, a village (375 inhabitants) located at the eastern end of the Scoresby Sunde fjord complex and at the eastern edge of the Northeast Greenland National Park.
Hans Henrik conducts the daily patrol service in this remote area with his snowmobile. A breakdown of the snowmobile can quickly become a great danger for life and limb. That's why Hans Henrik always has his universal toolset from KS Tools with him and is therefore perfectly equipped to carry out small repairs on the snowmobile directly on site.
We are proud that Hans Henrik trusts in tools from KS Tools and we wishes him "Alt det bedste" (Alles Gute) on his next trips through snow and ice!