Entering the world of electromobility armed with the right tools

Entering the world of electromobility armed with the right tools
- New Electromobility catalogue from KS Tools
- From PPE to charging stations
- Your go-to text for electrical service tools

Over 400,000 electric vehicles were registered in total in 2021, meaning that, in all, there will be around a million vehicles being powered by electricity on Germany’s roads from 2022 onwards. For workshops, this is a highly promising market of the future. Anyone who wants to get themselves into a good position for this target group through their services will need the right tools. Tool specialist KS Tools, based in Heusenstamm in Hesse, has now brought out a new specialist catalogue devoted exclusively to this new class of vehicle. It already runs to 1,500 articles on 188 pages and covers the full spectrum – from hand tools through to complete charging stations.

“Electromobility is much more than just a trend and a lifestyle,” says Orhan Altin, Managing Director of KS Tools. “As well as providing the mobility of tomorrow on the roads, electric vehicles can also bring increased independence for the elderly or benefit ‘last-mile’ deliveries in city centres. We at KS Tools have been active in this market since as long ago as 2010, so we bring a great deal of expertise to the table. Our tools have been developed together with partner workshops dealing with electric vehicles. Some of our staff have also been driving their own electric cars since 2010. This means we’re gathering experience with our own fleet on a daily basis.” The German government’s funding schemes are fuelling the market and ensuring its continued growth, something that KS Tools spotted early on.

The go-to text for electrical service tools
The company is now actively helping to shape this future, with tools specifically designed for electrical servicing work. The new Electromobility catalogue is divided into six chapters, ranging from personal protective equipment (PPE), surface insulation, measuring and testing devices and insulated tools through to tool sets containing tools fitted with protective insulation and charging infrastructure from the efuturo brand. Workshop professionals will thus find the whole range here and will be equipped to serve their electrically mobile customers. The catalogue rightly deserves to be seen as the go-to text for electrical service tools.
Anyone who turns to KS Tools to meet their electromobility needs can rely on guaranteed quality and certified safety. The tool specialists offer only premium tools designed and constructed by their in-house experts, who always focus on safety above all else. The specialists are constantly developing new things, driven by their unique pioneering spirit.

High-voltage vehicles call for special equipment
Some high-voltage vehicles consume very large amounts of electrical power. The highvoltage networks inside hybrid vehicles work with DC voltages of up to 650 V. Anyone not using insulated tools in such a situation will put themselves and those around them in mortal danger. Even direct currents upwards of around 300 milliamps can cause irreversible disturbances to your heart rhythm, putting your heart, brain and all your organs at risk. Clearly, therefore, it is a good idea not to expose yourself to this in the first place.
For this reason, any business that deals with electric and hybrid vehicles should be armed with the right tools. KS Tools has put together everything they need for this in its new catalogue, which is available from www.kstools.com.

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