Brilliant Tools: even more, even clearer

Brilliant Tools: even more, even clearer
- All tools packed into a single catalogue
- Broken down by vehicle makes
- Massive growth

Having launched its new Brilliant Tools brand in early 2020, KS Tools has now significantly expanded the assortment once again. At the same time, the tool specialist from Hesse has made things clearer by combining all of its Brilliant Tools in a single catalogue, where professional users can find no fewer than 1,500 hand, specialist automotive, and engine adjusting tools neatly laid out over 490 pages. What makes the new catalogue particularly practical is the fact that tools for specific makes of vehicle are listed separately, making it really easy to find the right ones for upcoming repair jobs. The new catalogue is published in hardcopy form or as a browsable online version in 28 languages, available from the company’s website at www.brilliant-tools. com. The success of the new tool brand is impressive: Brilliant Tools has increased its annual sales more than six times over since its market launch and is aiming to hit EUR 20 million in just a few years. What makes Brilliant Tools unique is their lack of frills, and this goes for the catalogue too: all that counts here are hard facts and hard-nosed prices. The fledgling brand is being strengthened further by KS Tools’ powerful logistics setup, which ensures that tool enthusiasts can get their hands on the high-quality items in no time at all.

“Since 2020, Brilliant Tools has been synonymous with high-quality products at excellent prices, with no unnecessary frills,” says Orhan Altin, Managing Director of KS Tools. “We’ve now made things even clearer and are reaching out to an even larger number of ambitious customers with the 1,500 tools that we now offer.” Even though a hardcopy version is still available, mechanics will have an easier time finding the right tool by using the practical online search function at Whether they prefer analogue or digital, KS Tools always speaks their customers’ language, something that is reflected not least in the fact that the Brilliant Tools catalogue can be read in a total of 28 languages.
The nearly 500 pages of the three-in-one catalogue cover hand tools, specialist automotive tools and engine adjusting tools from the Brilliant Tools range, each of which used to have its own separate printed publication. The catalogue is divided into 64 chapters, 28 of which are devoted to specific makes of vehicle. Orhan Altin continues: “The fruit of our labour is 100 per cent information. This is because we love facts, figures and data – but, above all, satisfied customers. We can tell they’re satisfied by the growth we’ve enjoyed over the past two years. Over this time, we’ve increased our sales sixfold – and that’s just from Brilliant Tools. And we’ll be continuing in exactly the same vein.” Altin explains that the extremely rapid logistics operation behind Brilliant Tools puts the icing on its cake as well as being one of the secrets of its success, as it helps to get tools to the customer even faster.

No frills, just Brilliant Tools
The Brilliant Tools assortment: everything that you need, nothing that you don’t. KS Tools has also decided against any elaborate marketing for its Brilliant Tools brand. All of this is designed to ensure that the prices for the high-quality tools are always as low as possible. Brilliant Tools does not come with any demonstration vehicles, trade fair stands or technical support, because all of these would push costs up.
As a no-nonsense tool brand, Brilliant Tools offers everything you need for your daily tasks in the workshop, with not a frill in sight. It is this philosophy that allows prices to be kept low.

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