Supporting traverse principle ensures freedom in the engine compartment
- Safely support the engine and transmission
- Also suitable for heavy motors
- Practical shearing technology
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- Special spark plug socket with joint from KS TOOLS
- Solution for BMW N43 engines
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- disponibilă în toate sistemele obișnuite de catalogare
- întotdeauna unealta potrivită ca piesă de schimb
- vedere de ansamblu a întregului lanț de livrare
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Universal axle lever with chain from KS TOOLS makes it easier to work on the chassis
- no injuries or damage
- no assistance from colleagues required
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- Prevents axle from swinging away
- A third helping hand when repairing axles
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- Special tool from KS TOOLS
- Tool set for glued oil sumps and housing covers
- Easy removal of glue residues
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- Contact cleaning tool from KS TOOLS
- Tweezers and diamond coated round files eliminate corrosion
- A helpful little tool at a little price
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- Self-acting plasma air cleaner cleans and disinfects
- Kills mildew, bacteria and viruses
- Ideal following air conditioning service
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- quickly shows suitable clips
- From the OE number to the correct clip
- Reliable 1:1 image identification
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- Precise measurement with digital clamp ammeter from KS TOOLS
- Measure current without disconnecting the electrical circuit
- Clamp ammeter and multimeter in one
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- Versatile compression testing equipment set from KS TOOLS
- Plenty of adapters for big market coverage
- Outstanding price-performance ratio
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- Diesel bleeding and priming set for many vehicles
- Short setup times – simple to use
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- SMARTcharger for regular use
- Highly convenient charging equipment at a moderate price
- On-board voltage with battery removed
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