Measure the toe-in curve on VW vehicles precisely and comfortably

Measure the toe-in curve on VW vehicles precisely and comfortably
- Alternative to vehicle manufacturer‘s special tool
- Also required for repairs to the front axle
- Approved for use with axle measurement computer

Many VAG models are fitted with a so-called four link axle. This increases safety and comfort. After an axle repair or an accident on such cars, however, the toe-in curve has to be checked and readjusted where necessary. A special tool is required for that. This tool is now also available from the special tool supplier KS Tools in Hessen. This enables the toe-in curve to be measured and subsequently aligned. This tool is necessary for VAG vehicles on the so-called B5 platform such as the Audi A4, A6, A8, VW Passat, Skoda Superb or Seat Exeo. This tool is a must for all garages which undertake front axle repairs and subsequent axle alignment on the above named VAG models. It is obtainable from KS Tools under the product number 700.1630.

„Anyone trying to „tinker“ their way through a repair to the front axle components on the cars concerned has already lost“, explains the KS Tools project management. „Some people think they can manage with two car jacks or some other means of lifting the front axle. A professional repair job isn‘t possible in this way.“ Because without the appropriate special tool the axle can‘t be brought to the exact position necessary for the measurement. If the toe-in curve is not correct, the vehicle owner will usually complain about the vehicle‘s tendency to wander in certain driving situations not to mention the increased tyre wear.
„Using the special tool is worthwhile in any case as without it a complaint is almost certainly going to follow“, of that Oehmig is sure. „Also, correct use of the axle measurement computer is otherwise just not possible“, because the axle measurement software refers the user expressly to the auxiliary bridge.
The tool from KS Tools is indeed favourably priced compared to the original but not exactly cheap nonetheless. Then again, this investment is automatically amortised over the additional expense and the additional charge resulting from this service. This is approximately double that of a standard axle measurement.
The tool is always needed when axle components or the chassis have been damaged in an accident. A misaligned toe-in curve becomes noticeable when the vehicle steering wanders, for example after driving over a level crossing or an irregularity in the road or after braking. Its use is also necessary when certain front axle components are replaced or even just loosened, for example wheel bearing housing, steering gear, subframe, track rod or trailing arm. The consequences of an incorrect setting cause increased tyre wear and can influence vehicle handling to such a significant extent that 100 percent control of the vehicle is impossible.
The tool is supplied with six different pairs of adapters. These are used depending on vehicle and ramp. The tool is the alternative to toe-in fixture V.A.G. 1925 and is used in exactly the same way.