What is the diameter of the brake disc?

What is the diameter of the brake disc?
- brake disc calliper gauge for all cars by KS Tools
- measuring without removing the wheel
- quick and efficient

To definitively identify a brake disc, you have to know your diameters, among other things. If you want to do this with a ruler, you have to remove the wheel first. Tool specialists, KS Tools of Hessian Heusenstamm, now has a measuring device, which can easily determine the diameter of a brake disc. The brake disc calliper gauge is designed in such a way that you are able to use it to aid in the disc measurement without needing to take of the wheel beforehand. The device has the KS Tools product number 300.0506.

With some vehicles it is quite simply difficult to identify the brake system. And no one really wants to remove the wheel before the parts arrive. The brake disc calliper gauge by KS Tools helps in a simple and elegant manner to determine the precise diameter of the brake disc without removing the wheel. This prevents incorrect orders and increases efficiency in the workshop.
With its long measuring arm, the calliper gauge can effortlessly go through the gaps of the rim. It is still possible to use the locking mechanism when the arms are already on the brake disc. A mechanic can comfortably read the millimetre measuring scale and therefore immediately know about the brake system at hand. With its large scale ranging between 200 and 400 millimetres, it is universally applicable to most cars.
In addition to this tool, KS Tools also has a measuring device available for the thickness of the brake disc. Both tools together form the ideal basis for a professional brake service.

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