Replacing springs without dismantling the axle

Replacing springs without dismantling the axle
- Quick spring replacement without any risk
- New spring compressor for VAG vehicles in particular
- No jumping out, no tilting, no twisting

Replacing the springs on the rear axle is usually a complex undertaking. Often the mechanic first has to support, disassemble and lower the axle. This is time-consuming and not completely harmless, as the spring is pre-stressed in the axle beam. With the new spring tensioner from KS Tools, spring changes are particularly quick and risk-free, because the axle can stay in place when it is in use. The change is safe because this tool prevents the spring plates from twisting, tilting and jumping out of the spring clamp basic unit during the clamping process. The KS Tools product number is 500.8755.

Spiral springs are wear parts. Broken springs are therefore part of everyday life in the workshop. But replacing the spring is not always without risk. With some axle constructions, repairing after a break is very costly. Sometimes motor vehicle professionals have to loosen various control bones to create sufficient clearance for removing the spring. However, this procedure usually entails an axle measurement, as the axle values were adjusted. This takes time and money.
The new spring tensioner from KS Tools is particularly suitable for replacing springs on the rear axle of VAG vehicles. The tool has two retaining rings which hold the spring plates firmly in place. This is important because this means that the spring plates are held in tensioner basic unit without slipping in the spring. So they cannot jump out, tilt or twist. This detail makes replacing springs using the spring tensioner particularly safe.
The tool is suitable for the assembly and disassembly of spiral springs on transverse and multilink axles such as those used by Mercedes, BMW, Ford, VW, Audi and other manufacturers. KS Tools has revised the spring tensioner compared to the previous version. It now has an extended tensioning travel and is therefore suitable for even more vehicles. With this tool, the mechanic securely clamps the spring in the spring centre, and the spring can be easily positioned in the axle beam thanks to the very compact design. It can also be used in vehicles with only very small access holes.

The technical data:
- Spring capacity 95.0 - 220.0 mm
- Torque max.: 100 Nm
- Opening of jaws min: 95.0 mm
- Jaw width max. 220.0 mm
- Spring force max: 1600 kg
- Load: 1600 kg
- Safety: Overload protection; Anti-twist protection; Securing mechanism of the spring holder; TÜV certificate