Changing automatic transmission oil made easy

Changing automatic transmission oil made easy
- Toolkit helps in complete emptying of the automatic transmission
- faster change without problems
- suitable for BMW and Mercedes

Those who wish to change the oil from the automatic transmission of several BMW and Mercedes vehicles, face a problem: there is far more than two litres oil left in the transmission. That is almost one-fourth of the entire quantity of oil. KS Tools now has a tool in the program, which helps in changing the oil without any problems. Since it can be used to remove the entire waste oil completely from the transmission, without having to use an expensive rinsing tool. Thus, workshop professionals can offer this attractive service themselves and do not have to send their customers to the vehicle manufacturer‘s operations. The KS Tools product number is 150.9555.

Unlike engine oil change, the complete oil does not drain out on its own in the case of transmission. A relatively large quantity of oil is left over in the transmission after conventional discharge. That is the main problem because the cause for the change of transmission oil often lies in the residual oil: Wear and other impurities, which can collect over the years and can make the transmission sluggish. If they are not removed along with the oil, there will soon be new problems.

Removing the residual oil completely
With the cost-effective transmission oil drainage system set for automatic transmission by KS Tool, there is no appreciable oil quantity left in the component, such that the mechanic can refill fresh oil directly afterwards. Most of the particles flow out of the transmission together with the oil. This way, the fitter can make the transmission smooth again, without having to resort to elaborate methods.

Complete set for simple application
The toolkit comes in a sturdy plastic case. Besides the discharge valve with pressure reducer, three transmission-specific adapters in all are included for the different vehicle brands. The tool can be operated easily and helps the workshop to save a lot of time.