Ignition coil removal made easy

Ignition coil removal made easy
- Remover from KS Tools for VAG and Opel engines
- Change ignition coil without damage
- sturdy handle for comfortable working

Removing ignition coils used to be no big deal. You simply had to loosen the plug connection of the cable and could then easily loosen and remove the ignition coil with the fingers. In modern vehicles from the VW Group and many Opel models, the ignition coil can only be removed under difficult conditions. To make this work easier, there is now an ignition coil remover set from KS Tools. This allows the ignition coils to be released safely and without damage. The T-handle ignition coil remover set for VAG and Opel engines has the product number 500.7570 at KS Tools.

The seven-piece tool set is ideal if you want to mount or dismount ignition coils with power output stage quickly and safely. A big mistake will be made if you try without this suitable tool. If you loosen the ignition coil with a screwdriver, for example, you can damage it and render it unusable. The coil and housing remain intact with the remover.
The set contains a two-piece ignition module remover set and a T-handle ignition coil remover for rod ignition coils with a length of 156 millimetres as well as one remover each of type 1 and type 2 with 135 millimetres. There is also a Type 3 puller with 105 millimetres and a Type 4 puller with 90 millimetres. Whoever works with this set covers almost the entire model range of VAG and Opel engines.
The set comes in a sturdy plastic case. Each individual tool has a hanging hole for convenient storage on the workshop wall. The T-handles of the removers are made of one piece. This makes stress-free and safe working possible because they are particularly stable. All tools are made of chrome vanadium and are matt chrome plated.