Comfortably and safely bleed brakes

Comfortably and safely bleed brakes
- brake bleeder screw kit for clean work
- also for difficult-to-reach brake nipples
- wheel dismantling not required

For the break system to work optimally, there must not be any air inside it. Therefore, when changing the brake fluid, the brake lines must be bled. Mostly, this cannot be done without creating a mess. KS Tools now has a tool to avoid this. The new brake bleeder screw set allows for a clean change of brake fluid at the first attempt. The enclosed bleeder screws furthermore ensure that the work can be done with ease even at places otherwise difficult to reach. The mechanist does not have to disassemble the wheels for using this tool. The six-piece brake bleeder set is available at KS Tools with the product number 160.0725.

Check valve makes bleeding brakes easier
Usually, bleeding brakes is a fiddly affair. The bleeding nipples are located at places difficult to reach and are well hidden. Added to this is the fact that in the decisive moment, the brake fluid likes to run where one does not want it to. The brake bleeder screw by KS Tools is intended to target precisely these two problems. For these handy screws, with their extra short duodecagon plug-in nuts, are designed such that they can be used nearly anywhere. The silicone bleed hose remains on the bleeder nipple when releasing and tightening. It also has a return valve which prevents used brake fluid as well as air that has been pumped out from running back.

Bleeding brakes without dismantling the wheels
Another advantage: working with this tool means not having to dismantle the wheels. That saves time for tightly packed workshop schedules. As there are many very different sizes of bleeder nipples, KS Tools compiled a set with all sizes. It contains bleeder screws in the sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 millimetres. In addition, there’s the 120-centimetre- long bleeder line. With this set the mechanist is equipped for all makes. The set is furthermore suitable for bleeding coupling systems.
The screws are colour-coded by size and are made of stable, matte satin finish chrome vanadium.

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