This is how an oil change is successfully done

This is how an oil change is successfully done
- the right tool for plastic oil draining plugs
- equipped for all profiles
- slightly loosen the plugs and tighten again

Oil drain plugs can look very different. But all you want when changing your oil is for the oil to flow out as quickly as possible. A new tool set from the specialist KS Tools from Heusenstamm makes an important contribution to this. The oil service special profile set for plastic oil drain plugs makes changing oil a breeze. Not only does it give the car professional the right profile for any plastic plug, but it also includes a T-handle, which makes changing oil quick and safe. The five-part set kit has the product number 150.1020 at KS Tools.

The right tool for plastic oil pans
Plastic oil pans are being used on more and more vehicles. This saves weight on the vehicle. However, the oil drain plugs on these vehicles are also made of this soft material. And they are delicate. They are damaged immediately if loosened with the wrong tool. The solution to this problem is a new tool set from KS Tools. Not only does it contain the correct bits for these delicate plugs, but car professionals are also equipped to change oil using all plastic plugs due to its T-handle with bit holder.
„We not only wanted to give mechanics an additional bit,” says KS Tools. „They disappear in practice much too quickly.” That is why the tool specialists have created a practical slot in a matching box, which is always there when you need it. The bits are an excellent addition to existing tools, but they cut a good figure on their own with their handle with bit holder.

Suitable for different manufacturers
The profiles fit vehicles from the manufacturers BMW, VAG and PSA, thereby covering standard plastic oil drain plugs. The special profile makes it possible to safely loosen the plugs and re-tighten them after draining. The external hex recess makes operation particularly easy. The chrome vanadium T-handle lies comfortably in your hand.