Working on high-voltage systems requires special tools

Working on high-voltage systems requires special tools
- High voltages are extremely dangerous
- KS Tools offers individually tested insulated tools
- Strict regulations for on-the-job safety

Working on high-voltage systems and hybrid vehicles requires special qualifications, because in addition to training as a car mechanic, the technician also needs training in the special features and risks of motor vehicles with HV systems. However, the fact that special tools are required for all work on high-voltage systems in the vehicle is often overlooked. At KS Tools, we now have the relevant tools in an unparalleled, wide range of products, ensuring that all employees at the workshop can work in total safety. The tools specialist from Heusenstamm has put together a kit for these repairs, which can serve as a basic set of equipment. The insulated tool kit for hybrid and electric vehicles has the product number 117.1890 at KS Tools.

In vehicles with HV systems, there are components with voltages over 60 Volts, which can sometimes absorb very large amounts of electrical power. The high-voltage networks in hybrid vehicles work with DC voltages of up to 650 Volts. If you do not work with insulated tools to work with these, you put your life at risk. In the human body, all movements are initiated by electrical control mechanisms – in fact, electrical stimuli control everything we do. The nerve paths are the conductors within our bodies. They relay currents in the entire body just like cables do.
Even DC currents from about 300 milliamps can cause irreversible disruptions to the heart’s impulses; The heart, the brain and all organs can be severely damaged by this, so it is best not to be exposed to this risk in the first place. The owners of vehicle repair shops are responsible for providing the right equipment and protecting their employees.
Any business that deals with electric and hybrid vehicles must therefore be equipped with the right tools. The insulated tool kit from KS Tools for working on hybrid and electric vehicles contains a total of 43 insulated tools that were designed for working with these vehicles. They satisfy all safety requirements, are individually tested to comply with the VDE standard 0105-100.
Besides a wide range of special tools, KS Tools also has suitable protective equipment, such as gloves, warning signs or barrier tape. This is because accident prevention regulations govern very precisely how a garage where high-voltage systems are worked on is to look. The team at KS Tools will be happy to answer any questions you have about the tools required and the corresponding equipment.