Crimping sets for professional connections

Crimping made easy
Crimping sets for professional connections
- mobile use directly on the vehicle
- crimp coated cables without damage
- fast and professional

At KS Tools, we are offering various crimping sets for problem-free crimping of thin steel, aluminium and copper wires. The tools with the FLAREfix label are used universally. They are easy to use and no additional tools are required. With FLAREfix tools, even coated cables can be crimped without any damage to the coating. For beginners, there is a FLAREfix eco set, which contains basic tools for crimping; it is available from KS Tools under product number 122.1215. A complete crimping set is available under the label of FLAREfix 1 or 2, suitable for different diameters. It is available from KS Tools, under product numbers 122.1290 and 122.1260.

The hydraulics make it much easier to use the tools. The crimping tools can always be used by the mechanic directly on the vehicle. Moreover, with the use of hydraulics, greater force could be applied and as a result, even harder materials can be used for more precise crimping. By simply turning with FLAREfix 1 and pumping with FLAREfix 2, a pressure of up to 2.5 tonnes can be achieved. This allows automotive professionals to create reliable connections without great effort.
FLAREfix 1 and 2 can be used universally and are suitable for various cross sections. The delivery package includes the options of working with cross sections from 4.75 (3/16 inch), 5 and 6 ml, which covers the most popular cable types. FLAREfix is suitable for thin-walled steel as well as aluminium and copper cables, convex and double crimping. The FLAREfix sets are ideal to use on brake and hydraulic lines directly on the vehicle, providing speedy and clean results. The user will effortlessly comply with the DIN and SAE standards.
At KS Tools, we know that crimping is a challenging process, which is why, an easy- to-use, high-precision tool is an absolute must for this work. At KS Tools, we are constantly striving to optimise workflow and continually improve the tools we offer. Our experts monitor the market closely and know exactly which processes lead to problems. This is how we create the tools that are of greatest benefit to your day-today work.