Tensioning springs made easy

Tensioning springs made easy
- Suitable for an extremely wide range of vehicles
- Can also be used to tension banana springs
- Foot pedal ensures simple handling

Tool specialist KS Tools has added a new pressurised air spring tensioner station to its range that is going to make it much easier to change spring and damper legs. There are, of course, major forces at work when springs are being tensioned, which creates great potential for hazards. The new spring tensioner is universal and covers more vehicles than any other tensioner on the market. This stationary pressurised air spring tensioner can also tension banana springs in such a way that they do not warp during the tensioning procedure, which enables the mechanic to insert the damper legs back into the springs without any difficulty. The unit can be operated safely by one person thanks to the foot pedal, which means that hands always remain outside of the danger area during the tensioning procedure. The KS Tools product number is 500.8800.

When a professional motor vehicle mechanic wants to change springs and/or shock absorbers on modern vehicles nowadays, the many different types and shapes of springs available can make this task rather difficult.
In this situation, there is one professional tool that they need: the pressurised air spring tensioner by KS Tools. The tool is very easy to operate thanks to its pneumatic dual foot pedal, enabling the mechanic to tension and relax springs safely, with little exertion.
The tool is even a good choice for springs with just a few coils (e.g. those used by BMW or Mercedes), whereby the top mount also has to be tensioned at the same time, and for springs with a low spiral distance. This is because KS Tools also supplies an additional adapter (product number 500.8802) with the tool, specifically for these kinds of springs, which comes with a manufacturer promise that no other (expensive) adapters are required.
The tool’s robust safety cage with micro-switch, meanwhile, prevents injuries during work by ensuring that the spring tensioner is only active when the cage is closed, which in turn prevents the springs from breaking off in an uncontrolled fashion. A rotatable plate also prevents the dismounted damper from falling down, which ensures that neither the damper nor the mechanic comes to any harm. As the tensioner is operated using the foot pedal, the fitter’s hands are kept free and out of the danger area.
The basic unit and its pneumatic cylinder (supplied together as standard) are suitable for more than 95 per cent of springs currently on the market and are designed for forces of up to 24,000 Newtons. The spring tensioner can also tighten banana and side-load (KMP) springs in such a way that they do not warp during the tensioning procedure. This makes it very easy to re-insert the damper legs into the tensioned springs, made possible by the fact that, uniquely, the height of each of the four clamp jaws can be adjusted separately on this particular spring tensioner. As such, the tool is suitable for, among others, the Citroën C2 and C3, the Peugeot 207 and 307 and the Renault Mégane and Clio, all of which are fitted with banana springs. An optional underframe is also available for the spring tensioner; this raises the height of the construction by 30 centimetres, making it possible to work at eye level. Professional vehicle mechanics also have the option to purchase wheels for the unit to simplify transportation around the workshop.
The pressurised air spring tensioner is suitable for the following types of spring: standard springs, right- and left-turning springs, side-load (KMP or banana) springs, conical springs/barrel springs, springs with low spiral distances, springs with low numbers of coils and springs with a strong or irregular spring pitch.