Remove wheel balance weights reliably and without damage

Remove wheel balance weights reliably and without damage
- Wheel balance weight pliers with plastic coating
- No damage to rims
- Integrated hammer

Nowadays, adhesive balance weights are extremely common. Many cars have aluminium rims fitted, even in winter. However, the process of removing the balance weights can be tricky and can ruin the whole rim. This is because aluminium rims have very sensitive surface. Tool specialist KS Tools based in Heusenstamm, Germany now has a solution. Thanks to a specially designed set of pliers for adhesive balance weights, removing the small metal plates is now a very easy task. A hammer is also integrated for striking the weights. The pliers have the KS Tools product number 150.2097.
“Aluminium rims look their best when they are in perfect condition and don’t have any marks”, declares the KS Tools project management. “But sometimes even workshop professionals can slip and damage the rims when removing balance weights.“ Many fitters still use wedges or screwdrivers for this type of work. The consequences are well known: deep scores and scratches ruin the overall look of the rims. This is even worse on modern black lacquered rims. On these types of rims, the smallest scratch is immediately noticeable.
The new pliers for adhesive balance weights from KS Tools safely avoid this problem. The specially-shaped pliers have a plastic-covered grip profile, which protects the wheel rim. The pliers are suitable for narrow and wide weights and adjustable in two stages. In the first stage, they can be locked between 4 and 16 millimetres, and in second stage between 12 and 26 millimetres. The handle has a spring which opens the pliers again when squeezed together. This makes it possible to remove the balance wheels very quickly. The pliers also feature a hammer head on the reverse side with plastic protectors for striking the weights. As a result, mechanics no longer need a separate hammer when carrying out wheel balancing work. The dipped handles provide extra grip and comfort, and thanks to its robust design the tool is extremely durable.