Alternative to the motor bridge

Alternative to the motor bridge
Supporting traverse principle ensures freedom in the engine compartment
- Safely support the engine and transmission
- Also suitable for heavy motors
- Practical shearing technology

Working around an engine can be a big challenge, because you do not always want to take the entire engine out of the engine compartment. But what do you do if you want to change the engine mounts, the toothed belts or the coupling? KS Tools now offers a universal engine supporting traverse principle, which is a perfect alternative to the motor bridge. One great advantage of the tool is that unlike using a motor bridge, access from above remains completely free. The supporting traverse is suitable for passenger vehicles and vans and allows for great flexibility because it is used under the engine compartment. The universal engine supporting transverse principle has product number 160.0095 from KS Tools.

Engines and transmissions are no lightweights; nobody removes them from the engine compartment unless they have to, and those working alone do not do it at all. But what is to be done if it is necessary to change the toothed belt or coupling, or the engine mounts need to be changed? The engine supporting transverse principle from KS Tools is a practical tool for this. Its sliding and flexible stored design allows for a high level of flexibility, and at the same time allows secure support for the heavy engine or transmission. The supporting traverse is even suitable for vans. Lifting and lowering the engine is very easy because the shearing technology is used here. This means that the tool can also be used very easily, even by just one person, which is usually particularly difficult during such repairs. You can turn and move the hooks lengthwise, which makes it suitable for very different vehicles. The supporting surface can be height-adjusted and has an anti-slip layer. Thanks to this, garage professionals can also use the supporting traverse very flexibly. They therefore support the engine and transmission securely and quickly for the repairs required. Because this is done from below, access to the engine compartment from above remains completely free. The hardened special steel is particularly stable, meaning it can also be used for heavy engines and transmissions.