Change difficult to access spark plugs easily

Change difficult to access spark plugs easily
- Special spark plug socket with joint from KS Tools
- Solution for BMW N43 engines

The N43 engine by BMW is distributed worldwide. But workshop professionals have a problem when changing spark plugs in vehicles with this engine: the spark plugs cannot be changed with a standard spark plug socket without damage. You need a special tool if you want to carry out this work. KS Tools from Heusenstamm has as a special spark plug nut with joint in its program, which makes the change easy. The practical tool has product number 911.3999.

“Changing the spark plug is in fact a big thing”, declares the KS Tools project management. “But some engines pose a challenge, which many people do not anticipate”, it concedes. The N43 engine is found in BMW’s 1st and 3rd vehicles built from 2007 to 2013. Those who attempt to use a common spark plug socket here have already lost, because the shaft in which the spark plug is installed has an angle of more than 5 degrees. But if you try to screw around the bend, you damage the ceramics of thespark plugs. If you are very unfortunate you might even break them.
It is quite different with the special spark plug nut with joint from KS Tools. It is extremely slender and can be used without problems. Its double hexagonal profile makes it possible to grasp hexagonal and double hexagonal spark plugs. Because it has a flexible joint head, it is suitable for all engines which have spark plugs which are difficult to access, but especially for the BMWs mentioned with N43 engines.
Because the nut was developed especially for changing spark plugs, it has a special rubber mount, with which the professional can safely remove the spark plug. In this way the spark plug holds securely to the tool and you can remove it and easily reinstall it later. At the same time the rubber prevents damage to the sensitive spark plug.