Engine setting /locking tools for most vehicles
- KS TOOLS extends its range of engine setting /locking tools
- Correct recoding based on OE number
- Available for all established makes
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KS TOOLS offers small parts assortments of DIN and standard parts
- Workshop Assortments include a range of essential small parts
- Be prepared for all repairs
- Most common sizes in a practical box
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KS TOOLS introduces a new brake piston retraction and rotation tool
- Universal adapter replaces a wide range of adapter plates
- Brake servicing for 1,500 vehicle types
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GRIP Xtreme self-grip pliers: Problem solvers for difficult jobs
- particularly firm „crocodile bite“
- no slipping
- no damage
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Special socket from KS TOOLS simplifies the changing of PSG glow plugs
- PSG glow plugs differ considerably from conventional glow plugs
- Safe installation and removal
- Protection from damage of the sensitive glow-plug head
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Hose clamp gripping pliers simplify working with spring band clamps
- Special waffle iron profile
- Grip and fit at different angles
- Also for difficult to access areas
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Improved flaring tool from KS TOOLS
- Mobile use directly on the vehicle
- Flares coated lines without damage
- Fast and professional
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Socket with steel ring – robust and gentle
- Chrome molybdenum steel socket with steel ring
- Patented world first
- Lasts longer despite being gentle due to plastic cladding
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KS TOOLS demonstrates correct tool application in film
- Tool Channel for products in need of explanation
- See the correct application
- Can also be used on the move
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