Remove odours simply and effectively – without any chemicals

Remove odours simply and effectively – without any chemicals
- Self-acting plasma air cleaner cleans and disinfects
- Kills mildew, bacteria and viruses
- Ideal following air conditioning service

Even if an air conditioning system has been maintained and disinfected, the odour all too often remains. Because it is firmly established in the vehicle‘s interior. The upholstery especially stores it for a long time. Tool specialist KS Tools now have a new plasma air cleaner with ioniser technology in their product range which removes the odour effectively and lastingly. And it works completely without chemicals. The device works independently and moreover frees the passenger compartment from mildew, bacteria and viruses. Apart from this it is also excellent for use in vehicle valeting or after a service. The KS Tools product number is 550.1183.

„Whoever is giving the car back to the customer after an air conditioning service also wants to show that something has happened in the car“, declares the KS Tools project management. „If it still gives off unpleasant smells then it‘s not a good day for the customer. After using our plasma air cleaner the vehicle smells reminiscent of the fresh air after a thunderstorm.“ And that‘s no wonder as the function of the device is similar to the processes which really do go on in the air during a thunderstorm. The device works completely without chemicals but if required, the fragrance block supplied can also be used. It filters and disinfects the ambient air.
It also removes not only odours but eliminates mildew, bacteria, fungus, mites and viruses. That makes its use a real boon, especially for allergy sufferers. Because in the main they react sensitively to such substances. And this can lead to sneezing attacks, reddening of the eyes or severe coughing.
The plasma air cleaner with ioniser technology also eliminates also the smell of, for example, tobacco, alcohol, food, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene or animals equally effectively. It works with two basic functions: the cleaning and the disinfection modes. With the simple air cleaning, the device produces about five milligrams of ozone per hour. This removes the odours from the vehicle and increases the amount of oxygen in the interior.
With the disinfection mode, the device produces anions which are able to clean and freshen the air in the passenger compartment. The mechanic simply places the device in the vehicle‘s interior and presses one of the two buttons. The cleaning process runs automatically thereafter. The disinfection process last for 30 minutes then switches over automatically to the cleaning mode for a further 30 minutes. The simple cleaning process is started with the other button and likewise lasts for one hour. The device switches itself off automatically after this time.
The plasma air cleaner leaves no marks or residues behind whatsoever on the delicate surfaces within the vehicle. Despite its compact form it gives off a good deal of ozone. It is suitable for passenger compartments and spaces up to 15 square metres. It is supplied with a highly effective carbon HEPA technology high efficiency particulate air filter.