Clean solution for a good contact

Clean solution for a good contact
- Contact cleaning tool from KS tools
- Tweezers and diamond coated round files eliminate corrosion
- A helpful little tool at a little price

Corroded contacts are an everyday occurrence in the workshop. They cause the majority of faults in vehicle electrics. Anyone trying to scratch clean the corroded area on flat and round push-connectors using a grub-screwdriver more often than not creates new problems. But two new tool sets from KS Tools will provide flawless contacts. The three-part contact cleaner tweezer set with the product number 118.0030 and the ten-part mini round file set with the product number 115.1370 are a fitting aid for every contact problem. They assist in freeing corroded areas of all contact inhibiting residues.

„It‘s particularly after a damp winter that corroded contacts become the order of the day in the workshop“, declares the KS Tools project management. „Our experience has shown that the majority of problems with vehicle electrics can be traced to poor contact due to corrosion.“ Such problems are sometimes not just difficult to localise, but also their elimination can cause fresh damage. Some use the grub-screwdriver improperly for this purpose whereby the socket contacts often become widened or deformed. In this way, the contact problem is at best inadequately solved and often even creates a new future problem.
The two new tool sets from KS Tools help prevent this. For example, they free the surfaces of German, Cannon and bullet connectors but also spade connectors from corrosion. At the same time, you won‘t damage the plug contacts because they are precisely tailored to the specific application. By using them, the professional vehicle mechanic can clean contacts expertly and gently.
All the tools are coated with diamond dust and thus clean up especially thoroughly, even with stubborn corrosion. The two different assortments achieve their full effect as a double pack as that way the right tool is always to hand.
The ten-piece set contains 125 millimetre long round files for socket contacts (round pin) with diameters between 0.7 and 3.0 millimetres. In addition there is the threepiece stainless steel tweezer set with a length of 145 millimetres. These are ideally suited for cleaning female spade connectors. There are three sizes available here with blade widths of two, three and four millimetres. Anyone equipped with these tools can work on virtually all round and flat pins and sockets.
The tools are supplied in practical storage pouches.