Support axles effortlessly – new stub axle prop from KS TOOLS

Support axles effortlessly – new stub axle prop from KS Tools
- Prevents axle from swinging away
- A third helping hand when repairing axles

During an axle repair, as soon as the mechanic unbolts the strut bearing or on multi-link axles even loosens the upper ball joint, the axle unit will be hanging just on the lower axle suspension. The axle is then unstable and will swings away to the side. The tool specialist KS Tools of Heusenstamm now has a special tool in their product range for precisely such situations with which the stub axle can be supported safely. The stub axle prop can be used simply with standard transmission jacks and is bolted directly to the wheel hub. Available from KS Tools under the product number 150.9409.

With this special tool, the mechanic is able to prop up the axle safely during the repair or bring it into the required position. He can use the stub axle prop in conjunction with a standard transmission jack directly on the vehicle. It is swivel jointed and therefore adapts to the required fitting position easily and without stressing. With the transmission jack, the professional mechanic can raise or lower the axle to suit his particular requirements so that he can repair the car safely.

If, for example, he or she wants to tighten up the silent bearing connections properly then the vehicle actually has to be standing on its wheels. With the new tool, the mechanic can bring the link arm into the position which prevails in the loaded state and that‘s without lowering the ramp. The arm can then be bolted up without difficulty. With some French vehicles from Renault, Dacia and others there is a known issue. On some repairs the axle can swing away without the fault of the fitter. In so doing, the drive shaft joint separates at the gearbox end. If this happens, the mechanic will have additional work to do. He or she will have to remove the drive shaft completely. Only then can the joint be refitted.
On top of this, the work which follows is not dissimilar to looking for a needle in a haystack: if the boot is taken off, the mechanic has to find the needles from the three needle roller bearings in amongst the lubricating grease. That is not only mucky work but it costs a great deal of unproductive time. If the axle has been correctly supported in the first place then this work can be spared.

The stub axle prop from KS Tools can be used universally on many repair tasks on the axle and its associated components: for example, when replacing shock absorbers, springs, strut bearings, swing arms, silent bushes, ball joints, or the axle shaft seal at the gearbox. The fitter can attach its V-shaped fixing point to different wheel hubs with different stud spacings. It is simply fixed to the axle using wheel nuts or wheel bolts. On top of this, the tool can also be clamped in a vice and thus used as a convenient mount. Here, the mechanic can attach the wheel bearing, brake disc, wheel hub and other parts that can be worked on comfortably at the bench. The fixing point for transmission jack has a diameter of 30 millimetres.
The tools are supplied in practical storage pouches.