Press down wishbones securely and using little force

Press down wishbones securely and using little force
Universal axle lever with chain from KS Tools makes it easier to work on the chassis
- no injuries or damage
- no assistance from colleagues required

When working on the drive shaft or before changing a wheel bearing, you usually have to press down the wishbone with a lot of force. Colleagues often have to help out with this. A new tool from KS tools gives workshop professionals practical assistance when doing these jobs. With the universal axle lever with chain, colleagues don‘t have to help out, and the fitter can apply much less force. Using this tool, pressing down the wishbone and other axle parts is problem free. The universal axle lever with chain is available from KS Tools under the product number 700.1495.

„Jobs involving pressing down the wishbone aren‘t very popular in the workshop“, declares the KS Tools project management. „It not only requires a lot of force, but you can also slip easily and injure yourself.“ If you slip when holding the tyre lever, you can injure yourself and damage axle parts.
The new lever tool enables the mechanic to press down the wishbone and other axle parts without the help of others and in safety. After releasing the ball head, the wishbone usually has to be pressed down against the silent bearing or stabiliser fixture. This is the only way to pull the joint out of the holding fixture. Since the tool is operated with a thread, the wishbone can remain pressed down during the job. This makes mounting much easier later on.
The special lever for expert and careful assembly and dismantling of axle parts is equipped with a flexible chain. This can be used to safely press down all kinds of parts, without a great deal of force. It also has a very secure supporting surface with an anti-slip support. For tightly fixed parts in particular, the lever facilitates working, providing considerably more safety. The stable construction made of special steel provides optimal support during assembly.

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