MODULO: stable workbench with secure footing

MODULO: stable workbench with secure footing
- four pull-outs
- lots of space
- load capacity 450 kilograms

A workbench belongs in the workshop at every workplace. Ultimately, some parts have to be laid out safely when expanding or processed on a stable surface. The tools specialist KS Tools from Heusenstamm offers a particularly stable and mobile workbench. Called MODULO, workshop pros can look forward to reliable and durable support for their everyday work. KS Tools has recently reduced the price significantly for this reliable all-rounder. It is now only 999.90 euros plus VAT. The MODULO Mobile Workbench with four drawers has dimensions 90 by 120 by 60 centimetres and is available from KS Tools under item number 899.0004.

The new mobile workbench stands on a very stable sheet steel construction made from torsion-resistant sheet metal 0.75 millimetres thick. It is completely electrostatically powder-coated. This is not only pleasing on the eyes, but also provides the best protection from corrosion for the metal. The four wheels with a diameter of 125 millimetres give it a secure footing. Two of these wheels can be steered and have a roll and rotary brake. The workbench can therefore be placed safely in any location and there is no need to worry about it rolling away. With its high load capacity of 450 kilograms, the workbench is also evolved for large loads.

Lots of space
There is space for all sorts of tools in the four drawers. They also cannot open unintentionally when moving the workbench because they are equipped with a double lock. A central lock also ensures that all drawers are securely locked when not in use. The drawers are guided by ball bearings, which allows them to run along the tracks lightly and without noise. Vehicle pros can reach the contents of the drawers very easily because they can be pulled out 110 per cent. This allows you to see all the contents at all times.

Durable work surfaces
The workbench’s top covering is a very hard-wearing solid work surface made from beech wood. It is 25 millimetres thick and therefore well suited for all work in the workshop. With its metal side handle, it is easy to move the workbench and it can therefore be made quickly available at any workplace. The continuous handle strips of the drawers allow for simple opening and closing.