Digital Battery Tester for 12 and 24 Volt Batteries

Digital Battery Tester for 12 and 24 Volt Batteries
- fast and easy measurement
- measure on the go and in the workshop
- print or save result

For many years, the battery has been the number 1 cause of car breakdowns. In order not to leave workshop customers stranded, the workshops should regularly test the batteries of older vehicles. To do so, there is a particularly high performance digital battery tester from KS Tools now available. It is suitable for all current 12 or 24 Volt systems. A particularly practical element it is that it has an integrated thermal printer, which allows the test result to be printed out immediately on the vehicle. The tester tests all relevant battery values and is distinguished by a compact design. The 12V / 24V digital battery and charging system tester with printer has KS Tools Number 550.1649.

Test all batteries
You do not want to be fumbling around for long when testing batteries. The battery tester from KS Tools is ideal for this. It tests lead acid, gel, wet cell, MF, VRLA, EFB, AGM flat, AGM spiral and deep cycle batteries. With its simple menu navigation, it is simple and intuitive to use. The test result comes out of the integrated thermal printed in the shortest period. This is practical because the fitter can show the customer after successfully replacing the battery that the battery’s performance was no longer sufficient. The tester tests the battery condition, state of charge, internal resistance and cold start current value. Moreover, the starter battery and starter can also be checked and the charge circuit can be measured.

Test battery performance
One benefit is that car professionals can determine a battery’s performance using the battery tester. It happens often enough that upgraded batteries are no longer labelled. The complete testing process is guided by the menu, so that even those without experience can obtain a relevant test result immediately. The result issued is watertight because the device counterbalances the surrounding temperature. If you do not want to print out the test result with the integrated printer, it can either be stored on the device with a SD card, or transferred to a PC using a cable and printed or further processed from there.

Practical accessories
The battery tester has two plastic-coated crocodile clips to connect to the battery. The duration of the measurement is very short, so that the battery is not overloaded. The lit digital display can be read very well in both dark and light environments, and allows for flexible work with the 1.60 metre long cable.
The battery tester is delivered together with three thermal paper rolls, memory card and USD data cable in a practical storage bag.