Spray comfortably – even upside down
- Solvent resistant pressure atomizer
- Brass spray head

In the workshop, some solutions and chemicals are handled that have to be sprayed. If this happens in hard-to-reach places, a pressure atomizer is essential. KS Tools has a robust pressure atomizer in two sizes in its range, with which workshop professionals can also work comfortably overhead. It is ideal for the application of various chemicals and cleaning agents. The KS Tools product number is 150.8251 for the one-litre atomizer and 150.8252 for the two-litre product.

The Pressure Nebulizer from KS Tools is not only perfect for hard-to-reach places, but also builds up sufficient pressure when working overhead. This means that workshop professionals can safely apply brake cleaners or other chemicals where they are needed, even underneath the vehicle or at an angle from below, for example.
The pressure atomizer is made of high-quality polyethylene and has a brass spray head. This head can be adjusted from fine to coarse so that the right mist is always available. The user can also close the spray head to prevent accidental spraying.
Whether brake cleaner, detergent, solvent or cleaning agent, Viton® seals ensure that the agent only escapes from the head in a controlled manner. The pressure nebulizer is available in sizes with one or two litres capacity. So the right size is always at hand.

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