REDI sensors can be changed easily

REDI sensors can be changed easily
- Save time when exchanging sensors
- Sensors can be installed and removed without damage
- available for cars and trucks

Since 2014, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have been mandatory for most newly registered passenger cars. And trucks are also increasingly equipped with these clever sensors. The REDI sensors from VDO are particularly practical. They are glued to the inside of the tread of the tyre. It only gets difficult when you have to change them. A new tool from KS Tools in Heusenstamm can now help with this. The mounting tool for VDO REDI sensors ensures that fitters can easily remove the sensors from their mounting without major problems. The insertion of the sensor is as easy as the first placement. KS Tools sells the tool with product number 100.1165 for passenger cars. 100.1170 is the right number for everyone who wants to exchange sensors on trucks.

The fiddling has come to an end
„The insertion of the sensors into the rubber mount is quite tricky,“ says KS Tools. „That‘s why we now have a tool that makes initial assembly and, above all, changing the sensors simple.
The tools for cars and trucks are a great help right from the first assembly of REDI sensors. They allow the sensor to be positioned exactly on the inside of the running surface. In contrast to passenger cars, truck mechanics have to ensure that the sensors are direction-bound.

Quick and safe replacement of REDI sensors
If you try to put the sensor into the stubborn rubber border without a suitable tool, you can lose a lot of time. The red cuff spreader is particularly practical, as it, helps to get the sensor effortlessly into the rubber holder. The mechanic can simply put on the spreader and then only has to pull the trigger, similar to a pistol.
The tool from KS Tools is suitable for all REDI sensors from VDO currently available on the market.