Easy repair of truck disc brakes

Easy repair of truck disc brakes
- Toolbox for all common maintenance work
- available on the open market for the first time
- attractive price

The commercial vehicle professional can carry out many maintenance work on truck disc brakes himself. For this, however, he needs the right special tool. Tool specialist KS Tools from Heusenstamm now has a completely equipped toolbox with special tools for truck disc brakes in its range, with which all common work on this system can be carried out well. It is suitable for Knorr calipers designated SN6, SN7, SK7 and NA7. The special feature: the new toolbox is available at a particularly attractive price. It is available on the open market for the first time. At KS Tools the toolbox for disc brakes has the product number 460.0905.

„Not all work on truck disc brakes may be carried out by the commercial vehicle workshop itself“, says KS Tools. „Our tool is designed for exactly those maintenance jobs where workshops are allowed to carry out themselves“.
In day-to-day workshop operations, the mechanics replace bellows or slide bearing pins and sleeves. Those who do not use the right tools for this risk incalculable damage to the safety-relevant component brake.

All work on all brakes
The tool case from KS Tools is made for all common work on the truck brake. In addition to the tools, it contains detailed instructions for all individual parts. This also shows which tool is intended for which work and which manufacturer, so that the mechanic knows exactly what he needs for what.
It is important that the tools are made for a whole range of Knorr brake calipers. The SN6, SN7, SK7 and NA7 series are covered. The case is also practical because each tool has a fixed place in the box. This way you can see immediately if all parts are there.

Many parts for maintenance work on truck brakes
The set specifically contains the following articles: Pressing tool for thrust piece with bellows, puller for inner bellows, puller/extractor with adjusting device for brass bushing, pressure fork for thrust piece with bellows, pressing tools for cover, puller/extractor for guide sleeve, press tool for cap, press tool for inner seal, insertion ring for thrust piece with bellows.

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