Targeted Lubrication

Targeted Lubrication
- Useful helper for the grease gun
- Safe lubrication without sticking
- Grease gets to where it belongs

It occurs several times a day in the workshop: lubrication. Because the vehicle’s parts need to move smoothly so that the vehicle can keep moving. But all too often something goes wrong with the grease gun during lubrication. This is no more with KS Tool‘s new Quick-Lock quick action coupling for grease guns. This adapter ensures that the lubricant gets exactly to where it should go. The quick action coupling is suitable for all commercially available manual, battery-powered and pneumatic grease guns and makes lubrication a clean affair. The KS Tools product number is 980.1108.

KS Tools found that lubricants often miss because the grease nipple is gummed up. The ball is stuck and the grease goes out in all directions. This can no longer happen with the new Quick-Lock quick action coupling for grease guns. This ensures that there is a closed connection between the grease gun and the grease nipple. In this way, the lubricant goes exactly where it belongs: in the grease nipple. The quick action coupling makes it possible to easily operate the grease gun by lever without having to hold it in place.

Don‘t waste anything when lubricating
Maintenance work is made a breeze. Nothing will go wrong when uncoupling the grease gun any more thanks to the quick action coupling. The grease remains in the gun because it can be securely released, even under high pressure. This is possible at pressures of up to 690 bar. So the vehicle professional can be certain that everything runs smoothly after lubricating.
And the workshop stays clean because no grease escapes. This helps the environment and minimises the risk of an accident. The integrated non-return valve is another advantage of the Quick-Lock quick action coupling for grease guns. This securely keeps the grease in the press, even if it has long been removed from the grease nipple.
The Quick-Lock quick action coupling for grease guns is particularly low-wear. Its four hardened tool steel jaws make it very sturdy. It is particularly durable thanks to its integrated seal. Its connection thread is sized 1/8“.