See the invisible
- new WiFi Videoscope Set from KS Tools
- easy to connect with smartphone
- unbeatable price

If you want to create an image of hidden spots inside a vehicle, you cannot do it without a videoscope. Up to now this was often a very expensive pastime. KS Tools from Heusenstamm has now developed a new, cost-effective videoscope, which can be used in any garage. What’s special about it: It can be controlled via WLAN using a smartphone. Mechanics can set up the device easily and then have a reliable and handy tool at their disposal. The built-in battery also allows for extended troubleshooting. It lasts for about 60 minutes in constant operation and can be charged easily with a USB. Another benefit: The probe is particularly slim. With the Videoscope Set, car professionals are entirely independent of other stationary equipment and can therefore carry out a stress-free diagnosis. The product number of the new WiFI Videoscope Set from KS Tools is 550.7510.

Simple troubleshooting with the Videoscope
“Damages to the interior of the engine or to other hidden places in the vehicle can barely be determined without videoscopy”, according to the KS Tools Product Management team. “And a special workplace is not necessary for this inspection because our new videoscope is very handy, but also makes very accurate recordings.”
The device can be used for both photos and videos. It is easy and intuitive to use for anybody who can use a smartphone. The videoscope is compatible with Android devices from Version 4.4 as well as with iPhone or iPad from IOS 8.0. The data will be stored directly on the smartphone or tablet and can be transferred from there straight to a PC without any problems.

Good perspective thanks to LED lights
For good image quality, the device has six dimmable mini-LED lamps on-board, which can light up even the most hidden corners. The new probes are particularly flexible and not so vulnerable to kinks because they are not made from fibreglass as usual. Besides that, with their low diameter of only 5.5 millimetres, they are also suitable for very narrow applications.
The probe’s camera generates high-resolution images and videos, which display precise information to the mechanics during their diagnosis. The videoscope comes with a USB adapter, hooks, a magnet and a mirror, therefore offering the perfect equipment for extensive troubleshooting.