Change slotted bushings in utility vehicles safely and easily

Change slotted bushings in utility vehicles safely and easily
- Slotted bushing utility vehicle kit tightens optimally
- Application is gentle on the bushing
- Fully retains the function of the bearing bushing

Bearing bushings are sensitive parts: changing them in a utility vehicle requires a great amount of care and the right tools. KS Tools now has a new tool in its range, with which the slotted bearing bushings can easily be changed in the spring suspension of lorries. With the new tool, it is possible to pretension the slotted bushings without any problems, allowing them to fit easily into the right position. The slotted bushing utility vehicle kit has the product number 460.1705 at KS Tools.

The new tool kit is suitable for use with certain vehicles by MAN, Daimler-Benz, Renault and Volvo. It can be used to install and remove the slotted bearing bushings in the spring suspension area – without this tool, it is difficult to pretension the bushings. By using the clamping block from the tool kit, however, you can easily pretension the bushing and in that way, get the right installation dimensions. Because the clamping elements work in parallel, installation using the tool from KS Tools is particularly gentle on the bushing. Uniform forces work on the bushing and therefore put as little stress on it as possible, so that the bearing bushing’s function is fully retained after the repairs are carried out. The tool is easy to handle and therefore reduces the assembly time. On top of that, with this special tool, technicians can work without any risks, which is of particular importance here because there are high-tension forces in effect. The tool kit is suitable for changing bushings directly in the vehicle.
The slotted bushing utility vehicle kit is delivered with a twelve-tonne hydraulic cylinder. It performs particularly well if it is used to remove very tightly fitted bushings. Moreover, it can be used universally and can therefore serve well in other tasks.
The tool kit is suitable for the following vehicles:
Ø 51 mm – Volvo FM12
Ø 60 mm – Daimler-Benz/Renault (430/450/460)
Ø 68 mm – MAN-TGA (140/414/460) front axle spring ROR, SAF
The kit can optionally include a hand pump (no. 640.0010), an air hydraulic pump (no. 640.0020) or an electric hydraulic pump (no. 640.0030). KS Tools ships the kit without the hydraulic pump.