KS TOOLS is PROFI Werkstatt „best brand“ 2016

KS Tools is PROFI Werkstatt „best brand“ 2016
- first place in the readership poll
- competition left behind

Readers of the magazine PROFI Werkstatt know their stuff – both in the workshop and with tools. And they‘ve now voted KS Tools „best brand“ 2016 in the tools category. Endorsed by an unbelievable 23.17 percent, KS Tools has wowed a quarter of the participants. In second place came the next tool manufacturer with 16.84 percent. A great success for KS Tools which shows that the company‘s products are favoured by a broad customer base. The winner was elected on the 15th September within the scope of the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt. All the results are published in a special edition of the Profi Werkstatt magazine.

„We are delighted with this distinction“, explains the KS TOOLS management. „It demonstrates that we and our products have firmly established ourselves in the hands of the workshop professional. This proves that all our efforts are going in the right direction. For our goal at all times is to fulfil the wishes of the customer.“ This is the first time that KS Tools has won this award. The team has worked hard throughout the world to get a product range up and running about which the workshop professionals are highly enthusiastic. For KS Tools this prize is another incentive to develop the entire tool range even further. Indeed, it shows that the needs of the customer have been recognised and evidently satisfied to a great extent. „We would like to thank the readers of PROFI Werkstatt magazine for this award“, continues the management. „The entire KS Tools team will also be working in the future to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and to maintain this in the long term.

About the PROFI Werkstatt “best brand”
The PROFI Werkstatt best brand readership poll 2016 was conducted by the magazine PROFI Werkstatt from the 18th December 2015 to the 31st May 2016 in cooperation with the Automechanika trade fair. The poll was contested by 200 utility vehicle brands from the areas of workshop equipment, aftermarket, parts distribution and leasing. 1,324 participants voted. The votes could be submitted online and also by written ballot paper, multiple selection was permitted.