Easily integrate special tools from KS TOOLS into the catalogue - in 15 languages in total

Easily integrate special tools from KS Tools into the catalogue - in 15 languages in total
- available in all current catalogue systems
- always the right tool for the spare part
- the entire supply chain at a glance

Special tools are essential for the installation of many parts. But not everyone knows whether a special tool is needed for the planned installation, and even if they do, they do not know which one. KS Tools now offers traders the chance to integrate their special tools into their own catalogue to suit the spare parts. This is completely independent of the software solution that is used. Identification of the tool that suits the part is not the only feature that is possible. KS Tools also offers a direct availability enquiry. This ensures that the repair can be carried out quickly and smoothly across the entire trade chain. Traders can integrate the data of the tool manufacturer via the TecCom, TecInvoice and TecCMD systems. It is also possible to connect to TecDoc and DVSE. Because the company operates internationally, the article descriptions are available in 15 languages. KS Tools is one of the first tool manufacturers to offer this innovative service. In addition, when it comes to tools, the company can shine. This is because it has the largest number of sets of data.

KS Tools provides its customers with article and price information in a standardised format. This makes it possible to easily integrate the valuable data into the different catalogue systems.
As such, the KS Tools customer also has the possibility of only integrating the tools that are relevant to him from the catalogue as well as those that he actually stocks in his range. They are also available in many languages. In addition to German and English, KS Tools offers its descriptions in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovenian.
The language package will be permanently expanded. This allows international traders to offer their customers perfect information concerning items.
A major advantage is that this integration is customer-specific. This means that the only tools included in the catalogue are those that the KS Tools customer actually has in his range. Tool data is available, completely independent of the part trader‘s existing ERP systems. You can download the article and price information automatically or alternatively, download it from the platform in a CSV, XLSX or XML format via a collaborative managed data (CMD) web client. This way, the integration of the data is optimally prepared.
For customers of KS Tools, this means that they can reduce processing costs. This is because they considerably reduce manual follow up work related to their catalogue data. Of course, the transmission of data is always secure. It is crucial for all parties involved in the trading chain that they are not only able to access information about tools, but also track the path of the tool within the trading chain at all times. An order confirmation and a delivery document are available via the system. This way, you always know at which stage the current delivery is.
No matter which system the spare part dealer works with, he can always integrate tools from KS Tools seamlessly. This works with his own order and continues throughout the entire supply chain. For example, an availability enquiry is possible via the standard or TecCom interface. However, integration into the systems of DVSE, DataNorm and BMEcat also works. In addition, tools from KS Tools can be made visible by traders in the work specifications of Autodata® and HaynesPro®. This means that the right tool from KS Tools is always at hand, and no time is lost in trading or the workshop.