KS Tools demonstrates correct tool application in film
- Tool Channel for products in need of explanation
- See the correct application
- Can also be used on the move

Tool specialist KS Tools are now giving motor vehicle professionals simple and practical assistance in correct tool application. To this end, the tool experts have created their own space on their website: the Tool Channel.
There, mechanics can now view practical additional information on many KS Tools products as a film. And there will be more each week. The objective is to illustrate the application of products needing explanation and thereby offer the mechanic a real added value. The channel can be reached via the website The films are likewise available on Youtube and can be subscribe to there. The address:
All the sales literature from the Hessen tool specialists already identifies all products with QR codes. Hence the information can also be retrieved immediately anywhere with a Smartphone.
„Not every tool is self-explanatory“, declares the KS Tools project management. „Its not only special tools which need something like a set of operating instructions for this reason.“ The old adage applies here too: „a picture says more than a thousand words“.
For this reason KS Tools wants in the future to show every product needing explanation in film. So the user can already familiarise themselves with the new tool before deploying it.
The films, which last from two to four minutes, are very practice orientated and show step by step what the correct application looks like. „That would sometimes simply be too complicated to do in words“, continues the KS Tools project management. „And drawings can also be misconstrued.“ That‘s why KS Tools has invested and employed a specially trained member of staff specifically for this task.
He has his own video workshop in which he produces several films each week. The skilled motor vehicle expert knows exactly what really matters. He is equipped with the very latest camera and editing technology. As soon as he‘s finished a new film, it uploads it to the Tool Channel. So there‘s something new there almost every day. „We know that especially with novel tools or complicated procedures a lot of mistakes are made“, the KS Tools project management continues to explain. „In the worst case the tool is even ruined having just been purchased or damage to the vehicle results. We want to prevent that with our films.“ KS Tools is convinced that good information on the products contributes to avoiding possible errors. All films address the skilled motor vehicle mechanic.