Small parts always to hand
KS Tools offers small parts assortments of DIN and standard parts
- Workshop Assortments include a range of essential small parts
- Be prepared for all repairs
- Most common sizes in a practical box

Tools specialist KS Tools now offers workshops assistance with the smaller things in life. The company now offers assortments of DIN and standard parts which no workshop should be without. These types of parts are needed several times a day and must therefore always be available. The Workshop Assortments from KS Tools bring together the most common sizes in a practical box and are thus ideally suited to everyday use. This means that workshop professionals always have the right replacement to hand, if a small part is damaged during a repair.

Whether springs, grease nipples, copper sealing rings or other seals and rings: they are all constantly in use. Since it is annoying when suddenly the necessary part is not to hand, KS Tools have now put together assortments of those parts which are actually used.
„Small parts simply must be in stock in the most common sizes“, explains the KS Tools project management. „You cannot always just send the apprentice or order these parts together with other spares.“ Also such parts are by no means always included with current repair kits. This is particularly annoying since they often advertise that all necessary parts are included. The Workshop Assortments are sorted into a practical plastic box according to sizes and appropriately marked on the inside of the lid. Thanks to its hanging system, the box also offers good presentation for retail sales.