Expand and fit hose clamps

Expand and fit hose clamps
Hose clamp gripping pliers simplify working with spring band clamps
- Special waffle iron profile
- Grip and fit at different angles
- Also for difficult to access areas

These days a car without spring band clamps is unimaginable. More and more hose connections are secured by these components. But handling the clamps requires great skill. KS Tools, based in Heusenstamm, Hessen, now has a new pair of pliers in its product range which simplifies the gripping and fitting of hose clamps. A special waffle iron profile ensures that the pliers can be fixed at various angles. This also enables working in difficult to access places.
„Conventional pliers can easily slip off the hose clamps“, explains the KS Tools project management. „Our new pliers hold so well with their novel waffle iron gripper that slipping off is almost impossible.“ The hose clamp gripping pliers can moreover be used at different positions. Whether it‘s to the front, to the side or at an angle it enables the best working position to be found easily and the clamp thus always gripped securely.

Besides the waffle gripper, the grip function itself is a big advantage with the new pliers.
Until now, fitting hose clamps has always required a lot of force while holding. The grip function allows the mechanic to fix the tool onto the clamp and let go. They can then make the hose connection at their leisure before finally fastening the clamp. Using the new pliers, the mechanic can thus produce a completely leak-tight connection, thus precluding customer complaints from the outset.
The gripping pliers are suitable for clamps on fuel, vacuum and cooling system hoses. They can be used for small and large standard spring band and space-saver clamps. It is available as a set to cover clamp sizes between 18 and 54 millimetres. The set contains two pairs of pliers: 175 millimetre for small and 230 millimetre for larger clamp diameters. The pliers are very robust and are manufactured from high grade chrome-molybdenum steel.-molybdenum steel.