Always dry
Fluidstopper prevents the leakage of fluids
- Universal line clamp
- Revolving magazine for easy use
- No leakage, no penetration of foreign bodies

Tool specialists KS TOOLS now offer a new clamp in their range which can effectively prevent the leakage of fluids from a wide range of different lines. However the ALLinONE Fluidstopper not only prevents leakage, it also prevents foreign bodies from penetrating into the line during repair work. The tool is almost universal in its application thanks to a revolving magazine which adapts to the situation in hand with just a quick rotation. So now the workshop professional only needs one tool for all fluid lines.
A product video will be available shortly at The tool is available either singly under Product Number 122.1295 or as a set of 2 units under 122.1296.

“If you are in the middle of a repair procedure, you do not want to be thinking about possible fluid leakage”, declares the KS Tools project management. “Apart from that, there are fluids which can be harmful to health or the environment and which simply must not be allowed to leak out.” For this reason, KS TOOLS now offers the practical ALLinONE Fluidstopper. It attaches to the line with a simple clamp and prevents the leakage of fluid with a suitably fitting plug. Whether brake fluid, fuel, oil or other liquids - the Fluidstopper is suitable for almost all fluids used in vehicles. It can be used not only for fuel lines, but also for braking, steering, air-conditioning and cooling systems.
At the same time no foreign bodies can penetrate into the line, which means that the entire system is protected. The mechanic has only to select the appropriate connection on the revolving magazine and can then fit the clamp in seconds. The Fluidstopper is suitable for lines from 4 to 12.7 millimetres. It can be used for fuel lines, flared, steel-armoured brake lines or flared fuel and air-conditioning lines, as well as hollow threaded connections. It is equally suitable for use on brake pipes, power steering and transmission cooling lines.
The revolving magazine contains three different forks with diameters from 8.2 to 12.8 millimetres, as well as a pressure mushroom with a diameter of 17.5 millimetres for hollow bolts.