Loosening injectors by vibration

Loosening injectors by vibration
- Injector extraction set loosens effectively and without damage
- Cost-effective and practical solution
- Large market coverage with one tool set

Engines with diesel injection are an everyday thing for all workshops. Unfortunately, the removal of injectors is often problematic because they have fused with their surroundings due to stubborn coking. Help has now arrived in the form of a new tool from KS Tools. The new injector extraction set loosens the injectors using vibration. Subtle but effective blows see to it that the injector loosens bit by bit. This happens quite gently. Damage caused by removal is now a thing of the past. The KS Tools product number is 152.1450.

„Anyone who has to remove diesel injectors is often confronted by a huge problem,“ declares the KS Tools project management, „because they don‘t always loosen easily.“ Until now hydraulic tools have often been used which are, as a rule, expensive. On top of that there is the problem that they have to be braced against the cylinder head or valve cover. These can easily become damaged in this way, meaning another repair job.
The new 10 piece tool set from KS Tools is suitable for most injectors on the market – those of Bosch, Siemens/Continental, Denso and Delphi, for instance. The tool thus achieves a market coverage of more than 90 percent.
The injector extraction set can be used in conjunction with standard pneumatic chisel hammers but is supplied without this pneumatic tool. It functions ideally when used with the Vibro-Impact chisel hammer from KS Tools, number 515.3880. The robustly constructed tool has a 5/8” (≈M16) connecting thread and comes with a universal joint for particularly difficult to access areas such as cylinders at the bulkhead. Also included: a double adapter for Bosch injectors which grips the internal and eternal threads thus lessening the risk of breaking these often tightly seated injectors, for example on the Mercedes CDI engines. Even older injectors can be removed easily with the tool. To this end, the set contains two thread adapters for the fuel injection line thread.