Lighter impact driving

Lighter impact driving
Powerful pneumatic impact driver for high demands
- Lightweight impact driver with plenty of power
- Faster torque build-up
- Maximum torque: 1690 Nm

KS Tools have a new impact driver in their product range. The Monster Edition pneumatic impact driver is conceived for particularly high demands. Being made of magnesium, it is especially light. Besides this, it builds up its torque in an extremely short time so that its power is available as quickly as possible.

KS Tools has paid particular attention to the robustness of the impact driver. Its high-performance double hammer action is especially powerful and durable. It is considered to be arguably the most powerful ½” pneumatic impact driver in its class. It builds up the maximum torque of 1690 Nm very rapidly so that bolts can be loosened and tightened especially quickly. At the same time the torque can be graduated. Three different steps are available for tightening and two for loosening. Hence the driver is well up to the everyday demands of the workshop.

Besides this, the impact driver is particularly light as it is manufactured completely from magnesium. So it sits nicely in the hand at a weight of scarcely 2 kilograms. Its cold-absorbing handgrip ensures that the mechanic doesn‘t get cold fingers despite the constant flow of compressed air through the handgrip.

An optional exhaust air hose can be retrofitted to the Monster Edition pneumatic impact driver for extra comfort. This makes the tool appreciably quieter which is perceived as a distinct advantage, above all in larger workshops with many employees. At the same time the impact driver thus equipped doesn‘t swirl up dust or other contamination in the immediate working environment and makes for absolute cleanliness.