High breaking strength due to 30 percent more torsion

High breaking strength due to 30 percent more torsion
Compact bit box from KS Tools with special precision-fit bits
- High engaging accuracy of the bits
- Less wear on the screws
- High breaking strength

KS Tools has introduced a new bit box with especially long-lasting bits into their product range.
The Torsion Power bit box contains a set of very precisely milled bits.
Due to this special machining the tools have a very high precision fit and are particularly wear resistant. In contrast with commercially available standard bits, they always engage exactly into the head of the screw. Another special feature is the shaft of the bits. It is worked significantly slimmer than conventional bits and can thus absorb up to 30 percent more torsion. That makes the Torsion Power bits ideally designed even for use in impact drivers.

The very small set can be used universally as it contains bits of all established forms and sizes. The box can be firmly clipped to the belt without anything falling out as the bits are specially secured. It is therefore possible to work in virtually any situation. By means of the matched accessories supplied, the bits are also suitable for working in tight spaces.

The kit contains a total of 30 bits in the most established sizes and forms. All profiles are colour coded for quick and reliable identification at any time. Due to their high quality and durable material they are particularly well suited for use with an impact driver but can also be used for hand operation.
Because the bits are so precisely worked, they not only wear less themselves but also ensure less abrasion on the screw head. Due to their compact form the bits are also outstandingly suited for use in tight installation situations. In addition to the bits, there is also an adapter supplied with the set which takes conventional sockets so that the bits can easily be used in combination with other tools.
Also included: an extra-slim bit holder which, in conjunction with the Slim ratchet also supplied, enables ease of working in tight spaces. Bits and accessories are reliably held in a small case so they can‘t get lost during the work even with the lid open. The red case fits in any tool box and can be fastened to the belt by its clip for more convenience as the bits are always ready to hand.

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